About Perry Township

What is Perry Township?

Perry Township is your most local measurement of government. Established by Surveys in 1812 and 1817, Perry Township includes the communities of Broadview, Clear Creek, Handy, Hoosier Acres, Sanders and Sunny Slopes. Perry Township is governed by an elected Board and an elected Township Trustee.

What does Perry Township do?

Perry Township primarily provides emergency assistance to low-income people experiencing a crisis of need. The office is located at 1010 South Walnut Street, Bloomington, and may be reached by telephone at (812)336-3713. 

In addition, Perry has a variety of other responsibilities including the maintenance of abandoned cemeteries, mowing rank and overgrown vegetation, and resolving fence line disputes. 

How does Perry Township help low income people?

  • Emergency Assistance Voucher Program
  • Bobbi's Pantry Food Pantry (located at our office, for Perry Township residents only)
  • We are also major sponsors, supporters, and partners with other significant social service agencies.

Perry Township is not an entitlement program that offers ongoing monthly assistance. Instead, we help get people through the onset of a crisis, and point them to the right place for continuing assistance if needed. We're here to help in an emergency, but not with long-term assistance.

Who are the Township Officers?

The Township officers are elected by the people of the township. Current Trustee is Dan Combs (from left below), Township Board member Susie Hamilton, Secretary Jack E. Davis and Board President Barbara Sturbaum.

How does someone qualify for help?

You come in to the office and speak with a Perry Township staff member to explain the emergency situation and fill out an application for assistance. We do an intensive client investigation of the situation, environment and circumstances of your emergency. Perry Township acts as a bridge to help you get out of the emergency situation. We talk with you about your short and long-term needs. We can put you in touch with private, local, state and federal organizations that might be able to help. We can also provide immediate assistance for basic living requirements such as rent, housing, transportation and food. This assistance is not paid to you, but directly to the companies that provide the services you need, such as landlords, mortgage lenders, gas stations, etc. Everyone is responsible to the level they can assume – then we step in and help pick up the slack.

Who pays for all this?

Like most other townships, Perry is funded by property taxes. If you are a resident of the city of Bloomington, this comes out to a little less than 1% of your total tax bill. We work very hard to make every dollar count by running an efficient operation and leveraging your tax money.

How does Perry Township make the best use of public funds?

We want to help the greatest number of in-need people as efficiently as possible. We've found that providing key assistance and investments in selected not-for-profit organizations gets us to that goal. One way we do this is to have an instrumental role in the founding and/or funding of important area service organizations.

We leverage the public funds to create the biggest bang for the taxpayer buck. For instance, we provide operating space for New Leaf New Life whose mission is to support individuals during incarceration and in their transition back into our community. Perry township also provides operating space to Area 10 Council on Aging to operate their food delivery program.

We helped to seed the program. We provide a building and some not-for-profit infrastructure, making possible the grants, donations and volunteer work that is the engine and power of this organization. Perry Township makes strategic investments of our staff and our resources. This is leveraging -- it uses tax dollars to gets the job done far beyond direct taxpayer cost.

 Perry Township Employees

Pat, Sharon, Branden, Amanda


Which organizations has Perry Township helped found or fund?

We're proud of our role in founding and/or funding an enormous share of local organizations that – for lack of a better term – do good in our community.

  • Perry Township is proud to announce a new partnership with Area 10 Agency on Aging to operate a senior apartment complex with 12 newly-renovated rooms in the 700 block of West Wylie and West Dodds St. Inquiries about housing opportunities should be directed to Chris Myers, Housing Manager, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call her at 1-800-844-1010.
  • Friend's Place – an overnight shelter for individuals who are homeless. They operate a 28-bed facility provided by the township.
  • My Sister's Closet is an outlet for new and gently used women's professional clothing. (812) 333-7710, 414 S. College Ave, Bloomington. Map and Directions
  • Mother Hubbard's Cupboard – a food pantry with 900 visitors per week. 812-355-6843, 1100 W. Allen St. Map and Directions
  • Community Kitchen – a hunger relief organization serving about 400 meals per day from two locations. The main facility is provided by Perry Township at 1515 S. Rogers Street, Map and Directions Hours: 4 pm-6 pm Monday-Saturday. Express Location: 1100 W 11th Street, Map and Directions Hours: 4 pm-6 pm Monday-Saturday. Phone: (812) 332-0999, Fax: (812) 332-1937

Perry Township also provides support for:

  • Girls, Inc.                                                                               $1,000.00
  • Boys & Girls Clubs of Monroe County                   
  • Monroe County Historical Society-Cemetary Subcommittee     $2,500.00 
  • Friend's Place Shelter                                                                $15,000.00
  • Mother Hubbard's Cupboard                                                       $5,000.00 
  • VITAL-Tutoring for Adults                                                             $760.00                                             
  • Hoosier Hills Food Bank                                                             $12,000.00
  • Amethyst House                                                                       $3,000.00
  • Community Kitchen                                                                  $10,000.00
  • Interfaith Winter Shelter                                                           $1,000.00
  • New Hope Family Shelter                                                          $5,000.00
  • New Leaf New Life
  • KAP (Kids with Absent Parents)                                                $2,000.00
  • M.U.M (Made Up Mind)