Notice To Taxpayers

The following is a formal Notice to Taxpayers on the upcoming Public Hearing and Adoption meetings for the 2019 Perry Township Budget, to be held on September 13, 2018 at 4:30pm and September 27, 2018 at 4:30pm, respectively. 

Upcoming Township Board Meetings

The Perry Township Board is meeting at 4:15pm on Thursday, September 12, 2019. . The meeting will take place at the Perry Township Public Meeting Room at 1010 S. Walnut St. Suite D. Click read more for Agenda.

2014-2017 Audit Report Now Available


The following is information regarding the audit that was conducted for the years 2014-2017.


Township Populations in Monroe County

The following graphic shows a breakdown of the 11 different townships in Monroe County, and their populations as a percentage of the whole county population. Perry Township is the largest of these townships, with 36.73% of the total county population.

Indiana Code and Fence Line Disputes

The following are the specific Indiana codes that guide Townships in handling fence line disputes:

Indiana Code Title 32. Property 32-26-9


The Indiana Emergency Food Resource Network has published its February newsletter, which includes valuable information on the the 2017 tax reform bill, along with other subjects. The newsletter can be found here: February Newsletter 2018.pdf


Indiana House bill consolidating townships dies without a vote, despite support from House leaders

The Indianapolis Star provides an update to House Bill 1005, which would have resulted in the merging of 300 rural Indiana townships into neighboring townships, here:

House bill consolidating townships dies without a vote

Perry Township Locations in Breaking Away

In the summer of 1978, the film Breaking Away began filming in and around Bloomington, Indiana. It featured many recognizable Bloomington buildings and landmarks, including the sprawling campus of Indiana University, Nick’s English Hut, and of course the limestone quarries. Other locations featured have since been torn down or build up in the almost 40 years since the film was created.

Among them is 1010 S. Walnut Street, where the present-day Perry Township Trustee’s office is located. In Breaking Away, main character Dave’s father Ray owned “Campus Cars,” a used-car lot where several scenes take place. In real life it was an actual car lot for many years before the current buildings housing Perry Township and several non-profit organizations were built in 1984. It has been owned by the Township since 1993.

Township Publishes Study on Assistance Program and Employment Questionnaires

November 20, 2017

Perry Township is releasing for the first time a client profile/report of persons requesting Township Emergency Assistance of some type for necessities of living for which a need has arisen due to financial hardship.   The data contained within this report was mined from the Township Assistance files and budget expenditures required by the state of Indiana or was extracted from a short questionnaire each applicant for assistance was asked to complete and submit anonymously at the time of application.

The data recorded and released in this profile/profile will be used by Perry Township for budgetary forecasts and determining community need and hopefully by other units of local government and social agencies for our continuing education on which to base future policies.  

March 13, 2017


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