Township Publishes Study on Assistance Program and Employment Questionnaires

November 20, 2017

Perry Township is releasing for the first time a client profile/report of persons requesting Township Emergency Assistance of some type for necessities of living for which a need has arisen due to financial hardship.   The data contained within this report was mined from the Township Assistance files and budget expenditures required by the state of Indiana or was extracted from a short questionnaire each applicant for assistance was asked to complete and submit anonymously at the time of application.

The data recorded and released in this profile/profile will be used by Perry Township for budgetary forecasts and determining community need and hopefully by other units of local government and social agencies for our continuing education on which to base future policies.  


There are--what we considered--some surprises illustrated within the data.   One is that just 3% of the people completing the report have never been employed but 31% of Emergency Assistance applicants have been unemployed for over a year.  Additionally, only 12% of applicants do not have a high school diploma while 49% of clients reporting at least some college education.

Two other quick bits of information that immediately leap out is that the number of clients over the three year period requesting food assistance appears to be a relatively stable population with the exception of one and two member households.   These small households displayed an upward trend for request constant with 2015 when the state modified SNAP (“food Stamp”) qualification regulations.  That trend has continued through 2016 and overall food insecurity seems to afflict one and two member households disproportionately.  A second item of note is that the grossly preponderant age demographic of all applicants for any kind of assistant is residents within the 18-44 year-old age range with the clearly greatest number found in the 25-34 age bracket.

There are many demographic questions that can be answered within the document including the type of housing the applicants reside in and what the average needs are.   Of obvious note here is the numbers of requests seem to drop as housing becomes cheaper but the amounts of money needed to stabilize a household tend to have an direct proportion to rental costs:  The more expensive the housing the greater the amount of funds needed by the applicant to endure for another 30 days.

All of the data and graphic depictions were collected and created by Perry Township caseworkers and reviewed in an employee peer and review process.   To our knowledge there has never been a study of this length and magnitude of people in crisis and need either in Monroe County nor within the State of Indiana.  We are very proud of this effort and feel that understanding our community’s needs in detail is a primary step in creating solutions.  The download for the data/report with explanations, some conclusions, and methodology is available at the following link: 

 Data Analysis of Township Emergency Assistance Program Requests 014-2016 and Employment Questionnaires 2014-2017


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