Perry Township Locations in Breaking Away

In the summer of 1978, the film Breaking Away began filming in and around Bloomington, Indiana. It featured many recognizable Bloomington buildings and landmarks, including the sprawling campus of Indiana University, Nick’s English Hut, and of course the limestone quarries. Other locations featured have since been torn down or build up in the almost 40 years since the film was created.

Among them is 1010 S. Walnut Street, where the present-day Perry Township Trustee’s office is located. In Breaking Away, main character Dave’s father Ray owned “Campus Cars,” a used-car lot where several scenes take place. In real life it was an actual car lot for many years before the current buildings housing Perry Township and several non-profit organizations were built in 1984. It has been owned by the Township since 1993.

In the film, one can see a Honda motorcycle shop in the background of the lot while Dave’s father exclaims, “REFUND?!”. While the former car lot is not particularly recognizable from today, that Honda shop, located just north of the Township office, remains, and looks virtually the same as it did in 1978. On the south side of the car lot, the building (now painted blue) that now houses All-Options Pregnancy Resource Center also still remains.

By the end of the film, Dave’s dad had renamed his car lot from “Campus Cars” to “Cutter Cars.” Here, the view looking south on Walnut Street.

Other places featured in the film that are located within Perry Township’s boundaries are mentioned below:

  • The old limestone quarry where Dave and his friends swim (called the "Roof Top," "The Long Hole," or the "Sanders" quarry) is on private property at the end of East Empire Mill Road (off old State Road 37), and is closed to visitors.

  • While Dave bicycles through town in the first five minutes of the film, he travels along South Lincoln Street, passing the Free Methodist Church at 1121 S. Lincoln Street.

  • Dave’s house (the exterior at least) is located at 756 S. Lincoln Street.

  • The factory featured at about minute 0:53 of Breaking Away is the Woolery Stone Mill located around 2295 W. Tapp Road, which now hosts weddings and other events.



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