Perry Township Board Meeting Minutes

September 28, 2017


The meeting is called to order at 4:15pm.


Members Present: Barb Sturbaum, Susie Hamilton, Jack Davis, Dan Combs


Non-members present: Pat Combs, Sharon Yoder, Novella Shuck



Awarding of Community Grants

Approve/Accept 2018 Budget

Township Form 17



Awarding of Community Grants

There is no longer a dedicated county levy for mental health services, as was discussed at the last meeting. Therefore, there is no issue with awarding a grant to Stepping Stones for 2018, even though they are owned by Centerstone. Barb wants to allocate a $6,000 grant to Stepping Stones, and this money would be reallocated out of the Emergency set-aside fund, where we originally allocated $15,000 for the 2018 budget. The other board members agree, as long as it is clear that the money only goes to Stepping Stones programing, and not Centerstone’s larger services.


The Interfaith Winter Shelter indicated in their letter that even though it is still unclear if the First Presbyterian Church will host the shelter this year, they can still handle the grant money and if the shelter is hosted elsewhere, the money will be put in the correct fund to fund it.


Barb motions they accept Dan’s recommendations for the community grants, with and additional $6,000 allocated to Stepping Stones and with $9,000 in the Emergency set-aside fund. Jack seconds the motion, and all vote “Aye.”


Approve/Accept 2018 Budget

Comments are solicited on the report, and Jack states that he thinks it is a really good budget. Susie asks why there are two web designers, and Dan clarifies that there is only one but they are paid out of two separate funds.


Jack motions that the Board accepts the 2018 Budget, Susie seconds the motion, and all vote “Aye.”


Township Form 17

Township Form 17 sets salaries and employee positions. The summer food pantry intern position went really well this year and Dan thinks it a good idea for a part-time position year-round.


Barb moves they adopt the Township Form 17, Susie seconds the motion, and all vote “Aye.”



Last year the Township approved a policy on overgrown lots that requires complainants to include their own name on any complaints made. There is a yard on Fairfax Road that is in terrible shape, but neighbors are afraid to complain with their name on it, so Dan is asking to waive the Township policy on this case. Sharon states it’s within his right per state code to take care of noxious/rank weeds, just against our set Township policy. The Township did not consider instances like this could arise when the policy was set.


Jack states that a verbal complaint should not be considered an official complaint, and is against controlling other people’s properties. Sharon says that the Township doesn’t need a complaint technically because of the statute, and has the power to take care of this lawn legally.


Barb suggests sending the owner a non-binding inquiring letter, offering assistance. Susie agrees. Sharon will look up the owner and do so.



Barb adjourned the meeting at 4:51pm.



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