Perry Township Board Meeting Notes

February 10, 2016


The meeting is called to order at 12:30pm.


Members Present: Barb Sturbaum, Susie Hamilton, Jack Davis, Dan Combs


Non-members present: Pat Combs, Novella Shuck, Sharon Yoder, Brandon Suriago



Election of Officers

Organization of Finance board

Annual Report

Nepotism and Conflict of Interest

Disposition of Checks



Election of Officers

Jack nominated Barb as president. Susie seconds the motion and all vote “Aye.”

Barb nominated Jack as secretary. Susie seconds the motion and all vote “Aye.”


Finance Board

Jack nominates Susie as president of the finance board. Barb seconds the motion and all vote “Aye.”

Jack nominates Barb as secretary of the finance board. Susie seconds the motion and all vote “Aye.”


Annual Report:

The board is asked to take a look at the TA-7 Form. This shows where the Township’s money, hours, and in-kind donations have been directed in 2015. As the board can see, the Township is still doing really well in getting in-kind donations from other places. It did, however, give out less in cash benefits last year. Dan states he initially believed it was because of Southern Winds Inn closing, but the spending decrease was actually in the utilities fund. He speculates this may be because more Townships clients are getting the Earned Income Tax Credit and using that to pay off bills, but we are not certain. Probably 2,000 households in Perry Township are getting the Earned Income Tax Credit, and though our office encounters families who have spent their tax refunds unwisely, probably only 30-40 of the total 2,000 households do that. The office is considering raising the utility benefit levels for a household in order to give more next year.


Barb notices that our healthcare assistance was less than in previous years. Brandon states this is primarily because HIP 2.0 began expanding dental coverage, which was our biggest Township health expense. Our office will always refer clients to programs like HIP, etc. if we think they may qualify. Also, Salvation Army and Shalom Community Center can often help with medication same day, so if the client is facing an emergency medication shortage, we will recommend they try those places first, as our decisions take 3 business days.


The Township covered 16 burials in 2015, up from 7 burials in 2014. Several of the burials were related to overdoses and suicide. Our food assistance was also much higher this year, mainly because of increased traffic for our Township-run food pantry. We got food for 1,337 households this years (which includes repeats, but clients can only get food once a month). Line #4 on the TA-7 shows “Total value of benefits provided through efforts of township staff from sources other than township funds,” and this number increased by $400,000 from last year. It only costs $375,000 to run the Township office yearly.


The other half of the annual report details what was spent and where it was spent. As always, no client gets paid directly as assistance towards utilities and rent is paid directly to landlords and utility companies. This year the Township managed to only draw down our surplus by $4,900. Over-budgeting for health insurance may partially account for this, since the office always budgets for the insurance company’s recommendations, but rates are never raised as much as the recommendations account for.


Sharon notes that in expenses the Board may notice a payment to the Monroe County Auditor that seems out of place because it came out of the Levy Access Fund. She explains that this is because the Auditor overpaid our office and then the Township had to pay them back, and she has further documentation regarding this.


The expenses towards Sam’s Club went up in 2015 because this year the Township was buying supplies for the Community Shelter for 6 months as well as for the Township office. We also migrated one of the Township computers from the office to the shelter and will be replacing the office one.  


Dan reminds the board that they are not asked to approve or deny the report, but instead to either accept or not accept it. Barb makes a motion to accept the Annual Report. Jack seconds the motion and all vote “Aye” and the motion is passed. Everyone signs the certification forms.


Nepotism and Conflict of Interest:

The Township must attest that they have a policy for nepotism in regards to Township employees and in regards to contracting.  The Trustee and Board must sign certifications that we have these policies. In terms of contracting, families of employees are allowed to file bids, but we must acknowledge that the conflict exists. Also, Pat Combs, who is married to Trustee Dan Combs, has worked as a Township employee since January 1, 1987, and they recognize this conflict exists.


Disposition of checks:

The disposition of checks, or checks that must be canceled because they were never cashed, must now be read into the Township record. There is one check that must be voided, as it was issued over two years ago. Check #37-784 was issued August 9, 2012 to Lois Buckey, in the amount of $400. Sharon will now be voiding it.



Parking Lot: The parking lot is on the agenda for the next board meeting on 2/20/16. As of 12/31/15 the Township has no off-site storage space, and the only warehouse we have to store old documents is the yellow building behind the Township office. Dan would like to have that rebuilt as part of the parking lot renovations, as it is old and has flooded in the past. Ice Miller and Jeff Fanyo will both be present at the next board meeting to go over the plans that have been drawn up. Right now, the Township is looking at an approximate $150,000 project cost.


Financial Checks and Balances: According to new information that Dan received while at his Township conference earlier this week, the Township will now need to institute a system of financial checks and balances. Sharon handles all our financials currently, but now someone will have to check her work. Sharon also cashes all our checks too, which she will no longer be allowed to do.  A board member could do this, or an employee. This would be a monthly responsibility though and Dan would rather hire a numbers firm person to do the audit once a month, which is what the other townships at the conference were discussing doing. We may be able to partner with other townships to share the cost, which could be $100 per month. This issue will need to be looked into further before a decision is made.


Barb adjourned the meeting at 1:15pm




Susie Hamilton, Secretary






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