Perry Township Board Meeting Notes

May 9, 2016



The meeting is called to order at 4:15pm.


Members Present: Barb Sturbaum, Susie Hamilton, Jack Davis, Dan Combs


Non-members present: Pat Combs, Novella Shuck, Sharon Yoder, Lauren Slavin, Heather James, Matt Eckerly



Resolution Authorizing Bond Issuance/Additional Appropriation

Contract with Shalom/Friend’s Place



Resolution Authorizing Bond Issuance/ Additional Appropriation

Heather James, a partner at Ice Miller, is here to conduct a public meeting regarding a Bond Issuance for the Township. The Board must approve an Additional Appropriation to appropriate bonds for the bond issuance. The maximum amount that will be appropriated for the Township project is $350,000. The Board is given a booklet from Ice Miller detailing the bond issuance/creation process. Pages 11-15 are the actual bond form to create the bond itself, for when the bond deal is closed in June. The resolution the board will be asked to pass today also explains the procedures for sale, repayment, tax covenants, etc. It is a “boilerplate” resolution that has been amended to fit the current project.


The project will entail the following: total removal of all parking lot asphalt, correction of the drainage issue, building capacity into the lift station, and rebuilding the parking lot. The garage will also be taken down and replaced with a new one with a brick façade and concrete walls that can double as a safety station for employees. The parking lot work is estimated to cost $150,000-$160,000, and the building is an additional $50,000-$60,000. Any leftover funds that are not used can be dealt with internally, and can be reverted into a rainy-day fund.


Matt Eckerly with H. J. Umbaugh and Associates is a financial consultant also present at the board meeting. He and Heather proceed to answer questions posed by the board on the anticipated rate for the bond, bond bidders, and tax covenants.


Barb moves that the 05092016 Additional Appropriation Resolution be passed. Susie seconds the motion and all vote “Aye.”


Barb also moves that they pass a Bond Issuance Resolution, 05092016.2. Susie seconds the motion and all vote “Aye.”


Matt states that they will solicit bids on the bonds from local institutions, and asked for a list of institutions the Township would like them to consider. Matt also states the Township may wish to use a registrar or paying agent to handle making the bond payments. If the Township only has one agent buying bonds, we may not need it, but if not, they are good at tracking the activity. Matt asks for the Trustee to provide him with the names of local establishments the Township may with to use within the next week or two.


Heather states the next step takes place on 5/20/216 when the 30-day waiting period for the bonds is over and they can begin advertising that the bonds are available for purchase.


Bynam cannot start bidding on this project until the Township has the bond money in the bank. The board does not need to meet again to vote on anything additional, as all approval is included in the resolutions passed today, but they can just stop by to sign paperwork when that time comes. Heather states she will have binders and electronic copies of everything for everyone.


Contract with Shalom/Friend’s Place

The board looks over the changes (marked in red) made to the shelter contract with Shalom Community Center since the last time the board reviewed the contract. Dan is the signatory for the contract, so he just needs a verbal resolution from the board stating tthat they have no objections to the changes. Shalom indicated they had no changes to make. The Township added a couple of lines about landscaping and providing schedules for repair/maintenance. No issues have been brought to the Township’s attention by the neighborhood since Shalom took over.  There is an open house planned soon for the space.


Barb moves they approve the contract with the changes made. Jack seconds the move, and all voted aye.



ITA: The Indiana Township Association has set up guidelines about the right to set controls on process for material items. If a checkbook doesn’t balance, the Trustee is obligated to contact the State Board of Accounts if the books are off by at least $500 (the ITA recommended amount), or if the value of property decreases by $2,000 (for instance if the computer work stations go down). ITA is visiting on 5/27/2016 to talk to all the townships about how this will affect township management. The recommended course of action the ITA has made is for there to be a second individual checking the numbers of our accounts manager, Sharon. The Trustee recommends a CPA.

Susie moves to adopt the resolution authorizing this. Barb seconds the motion, and all vote “Aye.”

Setting variance threshold: The board endorses Dan’s declaration that he has a plan to enforce the new variance threshold policy.Barb motions the board accepts the statement on materiality that Dan will enforce. Susie seconds the motion, and all vote “Aye.”

Website: Novella will be working on the Township website, updating information and re-writing portions of it to make it more user-friendly. Additionally, we are getting a new email to use with area agencies so that we can find out about events and put them on our website for the community.

Behind on budget:  Currently, the Township is tremendously behind on assistance for 2016. Client numbers are dropping off. With 33% of the year behind us, we have only spent 19% of assistance funds. We know that at this time of year, there are more denials of assistance due to large tax refunds (and fewer people applying because of refunds), but the numbers still lag from this time last year. We don’t want to change anything yet, but this is information the board may want to think about going forward.


Barb adjourned the meeting at 5:08pm



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