Perry Township Board Meeting Notes

April 8, 2016



The meeting is called to order at 2:00 p.m. by Jack Davis (Barb Sturbaum is on her way)


Members Present: Barb Sturbaum, Susie Hamilton, Jack Davis, Dan Combs


Non-members present: Pat Combs, Sharon Yoder, Heather R. James is partner with Ice Miller, LLP, Chris Myers is Assistance Director Area 10 Agency on Aging

Jeff Fanyo with Bynum Fanyo & Associates, Inc.



  1. Re-building of parking lot/drainage issues
  2. Legal counsel: (a) adopt preliminary bond resolution /special order

(b) Additional appropriation resolution

      3.  Area 10 Agency on Aging/Resolution

      4.  Salary Ordinance/Data

      5. Bug Room

      6.  Guidelines

      7.  Other


Re-building of Parking Lot/Drainage Issues

Dan discusses the parking lot/drainage issues.  This issue has been discussed in previous meetings and the board has supported the motion.  Plans have already been presented.  Jeff Fanyo is here to discuss the parking lot and changing the building behind the A building (what we call the storage garage) the concrete block building to match something to go with our existing site. We keep our records in this building and it has flooded in the past. Jack clarifies that the money that we are going for in the bond would include the storage building.  Dan states that we are looking at $350,000 for the bond.  Jack asks if we have looked into digital keeping of records.  Dan states that we still have to keep the accounting records.  Dan states that it would be a huge cost to do this.  We need to keep the same footprint for the space so as not to get into any permit problems.  Jack asks how many parking spaces and will we have less.  Jeff states we will not have less parking space.  We will have less asphalt to maintain and will have more green space.  Dan asks for speed bumps to be added so that we can cut down on speeding in the parking lot and avoid any speeding cars through the parking lot for safety issues.   Barb makes the motion to accept the drawing from Jeff Fanyo and Jack seconds and all in favor and the motion passes.


Legal Counsel

Heather is here from Ice Miller and she explains the bond information and how everything will work and she discusses the preliminary bond resolution and the additional appropriation resolution that is presented to the board and they are anticipating a cost of not to exceed $350,000.00.  Once the board accepts these resolution then Ice Miller can move forward.  The board will meet again on May 9th at 4:15p.m. to adopt the final bond resolution.  Barb makes the motion to accept the preliminary bond resolution and Susie seconds and all in favor motion passes


Area 10 Agency on Aging/Resolution

Chris Myers is the Assistant Director of Area 10 agency on Aging.  Pat discusses the emails that she has received from Chris.   Chris is here to explain that they have a live-in manager staying in one of the units at Dodds/Wylie with rent and utilities included and that this live-in manager has been declining in health and she cannot stay as a live-in manager much longer.  Chris states that they do not have a turnover of the apartments but that they would like to have the manager to stay as a renter and they do not think that an on-site manager is necessary. Chris states that they have a wait-list of 64 individuals for their 10 apartments.  Area 10 has a maintenance person that has a cell phone 24/7 and he can be reached after office hours.  Chris states that they do not want the manager to be put out of the apartment that she is living in but that they just do not have any openings to move her to another apartment.  Our contract states that they have 10 units and they would like to go up to 11 units that are rented.  Chris does not think that it is a necessary or that there is a need to have a manager on site.  The maintenance person can be reached on the cell phone after hours.  Chris states that one unit is a community room where they can come in and do their laundry.  Dan states that we would approve a side bar amendment to the operating contract that changes the contract from 10 units to 11 units.  Chris does not think that there is a need for an on-site manager at this time with knowing that tenants that they have in the apartments.   Barb makes the motion that they approve a side-bar on the contract, Jack seconds and all in favor motion passes.  


Chris then talks about the space next door to the meeting room which is suite F and that they now have a nutrition site that they have partnered with Ivy Tech and Ivy Tech’s construction is done and it does not include a space for Area 10.  Chris states that they now need a new location for a refrigerator, oven and they need a site that covers this area (Bloomington site) for 40 clients that serves 140 meals a week on Monday, Tuesday and Thursdays that the staff come in and distribute the meals. They have volunteer drivers with a site supervisor.  Chris states that they have the space in the unit but it would require electrical work that they could pay for with their grant.  Chris states that it would require two (2) dedicated 20 amp lines and one (1) dedicated 50 amp line and this update would not cost the Township anything and they will work with Cassidy Electric on the installation.  Chris states that they would install a heating unit and they do not need any special food handling permits.  This site is for preparation only and meals are delivered so Dan states that clients would not be coming to the complex so parking would not be an issue.   The food comes from Midland meals and just has to be heated, the staff would be done by 11am on the days that they are preparing meals.  Chris states that they would potentially have 3 vehicles only for this site.  Board discusses the whole complex and that an open house was not done for Area 10.  Chris states that this is not meals on wheels and that Meals on Wheels compliments Area 10 food delivery and it is not a competition and they serve different clientele.  Chris states that they have another site at Cambridge square.  Barb makes the motion (with a contingency of drywall repair if any is damaged) Jack seconds and all in favor and the motion passes. 


Salary Ordinance/ Data 

Dan explains that Novella has been trained by Paul Smedberg with BCS advertising, who handles our website.  Dan states that Novella will be handling the website and minutes, agendas pictures and she has been working on the site.  This is the resolution to increase Novella’s pay by a $1.50 an hour in addition to what she makes now as a case investigator.  This increase will come out of Township General not out of Township Assistance.  Sharon hands out the Salary Resolution and the Amended Township Form 17.  Susie asks if Novella leaves this position will the new person be paid at this increase, Dan states no – unless they have the skillset for the position.   Jack asks if this will be the pay for Novella all of the time or if it is just for certain time.  Dan explains that we tried this with a previous positon when Kelly was here and the logistics is just a nightmare.  Barb states that she thinks that Novella should be paid the new amount all of the time.  Dan plans that Novella will be working on the website quite often.  Barb moves to increase Novella’s position pay to $1.50 an hour and Jack seconds and all in favor and the motion passes.


Bug Room  

Dan discusses the bug room and that the dryers get worn out at the shelter.  Dan states that they have 41 people in there as of today, which is a lot of people.   It has taken a long time to get someone to do this bug room.  Dan states that there is unused space in the old kitchen area that we did not have the money to remodel at the time.  There is an existing storage room that we can use which we will need to put additional drywall in.  There is a company that can actually provide the heating unit for the bug room and will heat the room accruing to fire Marshall/code.  We will need to hire someone to hang 8 sheets of gypsum (drywall) and then the agency will come in and setup the heating unit and give training on how to use it.  Shalom will give the person something to wear while all of their belongings are being treated in the bug room.  The cost is approx. $3500 for the room and the heat system is the estimate from Sherman Bynum.  Susie asks why is the township paying for this and Dan states that this is a physical change to the building and Barb states that we would not want bed bugs in the building that would be a nightmare.  Barb states that heat is what will kill bed bugs.  Pat states that it will have shelves in the closet to place clothing on.  Jack asks when this process is done for clients and Dan explains that it is done for each new person that comes into the shelter before they stay.  Dan discusses updates since Shalom has taken over the shelter; transgender has been changed to the satisfaction of IU.  Barb asks how come they have so many more people in there, Dan states that the word has gone out that you don’t get thrown out so easily.  Pat does all of the interface with Shalom.  We don’t want 2 or 3 people asking questions or giving information and Pat’s job is the Facilities Manager.  Barb states that we want people to use the shelter.  They lost Rochelle as Case Manager she was resistant to some of the changes.  Case management is not mandatory and Pat states that it is not a requirement but the residents are going since it is not a requirement.  Susie states that it used to be a requirement for federal funds, Pat states that the clients are going since they have not been mandated.  Jack asks if there is maintenance to this bug closet. Dan states that it should be minor things.   Dan wants to make sure that the board knows that it is going to be about $3,500.00 and that we will get quotes for the project.   


Guideline Changes

Dan explains the changes on the guidelines and these were emailed to the board to look over. 

VII.H. Other Assistance (Household Items) Dan states that we provide these items but we did not have anything in the guideline with a definition and we need it in the guidelines in order to be reimbursed by SSI and they require that we show them in the guidelines an amount.  There is the same issue with Bus passes that we have to have it in the guidelines on how much the bus passes cost in order to get reimbursed by SSI.   

Dan explains that we do not have it in our guidelines while someone is someplace else like in prison or in jail that we do not have to pay for their rent.  We will not preserve a unit while someone is incarcerated or someplace else.  Dan states that we need to add this to the Eligibility section. 

Dan states that we regularly encounter people that have outstanding warrants.  If we pay their rent and they get incarcerated we have 30 days of rent that we have paid.  We issue a pending now and state that they have a warrant and we have had them go to the Prosecutor when they receive our pending.  Update Eligibility:  IV.J. The Trustee is under no obligation to assist applicants or any households wherein an adult applicant resides who is subject to an outstanding criminal warrant for their arrest.  Barb makes the motion to approve the changes in the guidelines and Susie seconded and all in favor motion passes.



Barb adjourned the meeting at 3:20p.m.  



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