Perry Township Board Meeting Minutes

April 2, 2018

Executive session called to order at 4:30 p.m.


The public meeting is called to order at 4:55pm.


Members Present: Barb Sturbaum, Jack Davis, Dan Combs

Non-members present: Pat Combs, Sharon Yoder , Seth Lahn

Public Present:  Hunter Valkyrie representing Denise Valkryie the President of the Broadview Neighborhood Association



1.  Report of Executive Session

2.  Sewer Project

3.  Other


1.  Report of Executive Session   

Barb requested Seth to give a brief summary of the Executive Session.  Seth states that since the last meeting that Dan and Seth have had discussions with city officials and Dan and Seth appeared at the public works commission meeting on March 20 and because they deferred the decision of our portion of the project and only voted on the Monon portion and they did ask for comments on our portion of the project to discuss 2 weeks later.  Seth stated that the meeting could be watched on the TV.  Seth stated that Dan and Seth stated their concerns and that they were hoping to satisfy the concerns before a decision was made.  Seth states that Dan received some maps that have been handed out to the board that gives details of the closers and that the city has offered to move a bus stop and place a bench for clients to rest on.  There will also be a crossing for pedestrians to cross from each side of the road.  Seth’s recommendation is that once we get the details figured out that we do a memo of understanding with the City of Bloomington Utilities and City Legal since there are multiple parties involved in fulfilling all the details which would incorporate the maps and specify to the best of everyone’s ability what each agency including Bloomington Transit, Utilities, Public work, what each agency is responsible for. This would give us something that would theoretically would be enforceable if we needed to.  This memo would detail what exactly has been promised.  Seth thinks that this will go a long way in ensuring we had taken care that this construction process doesn’t interfere to any significant degree with our client’s ability to access the Township services. 


2.   Sewer Project

Dan hands out the maps given to him from the city and discusses the areas that will be closed.  Dan explains the areas that there will be no pedestrian traffic and the areas of sidewalks that will be closed.  We were told that there will be 2 phases to the construction.  Dan discusses that a bus stop may be moved to make it easier for clients to get to the township.  The benches proposed by the city will be at the corner of Allen and Walnut. Then Perry would supply a bench at the north east corner of our new grass area beside the parking lot. This will give people 2 chances to rest, deal with children or whatever they may need to do. Dan states that after walking the area with the traffic he can’t see any other option except just not doing the project.  If they are going to do the project then they have to deal with that bus stop.  Phase 2 is the area from All Options to Grimes Street.  Dan states that he ask the city what does the Township do if a truck driver for the contractor parks his truck and just shuts it down and goes to lunch.  Dan was told that we would be given 5 phone numbers in order of who to contact.   Seth asks who the 5 numbers would be and Dan says that one will be the Inspector, another is Vic Kelson, Phil Peden and the other 2 we do not know.   Seth asks what the inspector has the power to do, can he ticket or levy fines.  Dan states that the inspector should be on the site at all times and has the right to shut the project down.  Dan would like to proceed with the idea that they get the north bound bus line approved with Bloomington Transit.  If they do get this approval then Dan thinks we should accept that and if they don’t then Dan thinks we need to meet again.  Seth needs to do the memorandum of understanding.  Seth states that we should be given a chance to make comments at the next Board of Public Works meeting which is tomorrow night even if the defer making a decision on the project or if they decide to vote. 


Barb says that we need a motion that Dan is authorized by the board to continue negations unless Dan thinks there is something that the board needs to be a part of.    Barb makes the motion, Jack seconds, all in favor and motion passes.


Barb makes the motion that we empower our lawyer to make a memorandum of understanding with all the things that we have noted here.  Jack seconds, all in favor and motion passes. 


3. Other

There was no other business discussed.



Barb adjourned the meeting at 5:25 pm.



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