Weed Complaints

aka Rank & Noxious Vegetation Control

For weed complaints, you must fill out the Weed Complaint form and submit it to the Township office. Weed complaints must be for residential properties in Perry Township that are not in city limits. If you are unsure whether the property is in city limits and/or Perry Township, feel free to call our office at 812-336-3713 to determine this. Additionally, to file a complaint you must live within 200 feet of the property you are complaining about.

Note: Indiana code prevents anonymous weed complaints, and records of weed complaints are available through Public Records requests. 

The weed complaint form is available below, or you may pick up a weed complaint form in our office at 1010 S. Walnut Street. If you need a weed complaint form mailed to you, you may call our office to have that done. You may submit the form to our office via mail, in person, or via email (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

Download: Weed Complaint Form


If you are interested in Invasive Species of Indiana, the Indiana Invasive Species Council has more information