Perry Township Files Lawsuit Against City of Bloomington

A lawsuit was filed by Perry Township Trustee Dan Combs against the City of Bloomington and Mayor John Hamilton on October 14, 2021 over documents and records the City of Bloomington has refused to release to the Township Trustee. The requested documents pertain to Bloomington's homelessness policy and the use of police force to remove the homeless encampents found in Seminary Square.

Multiple requests for the documentation were made by Dan Combs. The first request was made in May via a phone call between Perry Township's lawyer and the City of Bloomington's corporate counsel, but the records were not provided to the Township. A second attempt was made in June: a formal request for the records were submitted, again through Perry Township's attourney. While a response from the City of Bloomington's attourney was received on June 30, none of the requested information was provided, with the City citing it does not need to provide the requested information because it falls under an "advisor or deliberative materials" exception.

The lawsuit filed is requesting the Monroe County Superior Court to order the City of Bloomington to provide the full and complete records requested by Township Trustee Dan Combs.

For more information, feel free to view the documents associated with the lawsuit, found below, or a selection of news articles covering the topic, also found below.

Documents Pertaining to the Lawsuit/Compaint

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