Perry Township - Monroe County, IN
Perry Township Offices

Perry Township Board Meeting Minutes: Tuesday, January 3, 2023

The meeting is called to order at 12:30 pm

Members Present: Jack Davis, Barb Sturbaum, Susie Hamilton, Dan Combs

Non-Members Present: Sharon Yoder, Amanda Higgins, Branden Surigao, Giovanni Bush, Michael Browning, William Brown, William Morris


  1. Election of Officers
  2. Nepotism Policy
  3. Holiday Resolution
  4. Other
    • Hotels for Homeless
    • Fence at Finnley Cemetery: Update from Lawyer
  5. Audit Exit Interview with State Board of Accounts

Election of Officers

Barb moves that Jack remains President for another year, Jack seconds, all agree. Jack moves that Barb be secretary, Barb seconds, all agree.

Nepotism Policy

We are in compliance with the Township's Nepotism on Employment and the Township's Nepotism policy on Contracting and policies are still being followed.

Holiday Resolution

This year the holiday resolution follows state and federal holidays. Barb moves to accept the resolution, Jack seconds, all agree.


Hotels for Homeless is a community service that pays for a block of hotel rooms during the cold months and holidays for homeless people that cannot or will not go to shelters. Dan has a resolution to help fund Hotels for Homeless with their cold shelter home for the winter months. Barb motions to accept the Community service grant resolution, Jack seconds the motion, all agree.

There is a new homeowner next to Finley Cemetery who is rebuilding the home as well as a retaining wall. He has offered to build onto his wall and around the cemetery so the wall matches as well as take care of the cemetery grounds at his expense as well as the upkeep of the wall. Dan is afraid of the future for the township responsibility of maintenance of the fence. The board wants to have the new owner in to the next meeting to discuss this further to insure care and payment of the fence/wall and cemetery.

Audit Exit Interview with Sate Board of Accounts

The audit covered the years 2018 through 2021. The results were very positive.

Meeting was concluded at 1:55 pm.