Perry Township - Monroe County, IN
Perry Township Offices

Perry Township Board Meeting Minutes: February 16, 2017

The meeting is called to order at 4:15 pm

Members Present: Barb Sturbaum, Susie Hamilton, Jack Davis, Dan Combs

Non-Members Present: Pat Combs, Sharon Yoder, Novella Shuck, Branden Surigao, Andrew Rousch


  1. Election of Officers
  2. Nepotism
  3. Conflict of Interest
  4. Organization of Finance Board
  5. Annual Report
  6. Other
    1. Guidelines Discussion
    2. Project Update/Change Orders
    3. Rainy Day Fund
    4. Back Door (no foundation)

Election of Officers

Jack nominates Barb Sturbaum as president of the board. Susie seconds the motion. All vote “Aye.” Barb nominates Susie Hamilton as secretary of the board. Jack seconds the motion. All vote “Aye.”.

Nepotism and Conflict of Interest

The board signs paperwork acknowledging and accepting that they are each in compliance with the Township nepotism policy on employment and the Township conflict-of-interest policy on contracting. Barb motions the board accepts that Dan and Pat are married and that Pat falls under the grandfather clause of this policy. Jack seconds the motion and all vote “Aye.”

Organization of Finance Board

Barb motions that the board continue using the same officers for the Finance Board as last year. Susie seconds this motion, and all vote “Aye.”

Annual Report

Dan presents the Annual Report to the board for their approval. Both he and Sharon attest that the numbers in the report are correct. Branden, who compiled the data on Township Assistance, is present and he provides a summary packet to the board on these numbers. In that packet, he notes that the Emergency Assistance Program paid out more from our budgeted funds in 2016 than in 2015 ($14,368.66 more) and gave more in referrals and recorded more in-kinds as well. Novella has also compiled a summary of the approximate time that the case investigators and the office manager spent operating the food pantry each year, as demand for the pantry has increased.

Michelle Bright (Benton Township Trustee) came into our office to go over the Township’s books as an oversight measure (per the new state guidelines on this). The office had hired an accountant to do this, but after rescheduling, she never showed up for the job, so Michelle stepped in instead and has done a very thorough job. She gets paid a nominal amount for this. She can also sign off on Sharon paying our taxes on time.

The board asks general questions about different Township expenses throughout the year, and Dan answers them. The board must now either vote to accept or not accept the Annual Report. It cannot change any of the numbers within the report. Barb moves to accept the 2016 Annual Budget. Jack seconds the motion, and all vote “Aye.” All board members sign the Annual Budget.


Guidelines Discussion

There are three guidelines that the Trustee wishes to update at this time: 1- A grammatical change to the language surrounding lump sum income clients receive. 2- Set dollar amounts for household item benefit levels at $45/month for a single person, $60/month for a two-person household, and $75/month for all larger households. It is currently set at $35 for all households. 3- Update the housing benefit levels, as they no longer reflect the fair-market rate in Bloomington. Dan’s recommendation is $615 for a single-person household, $738 for a two-person household, and $853 for a three-person or higher household. Barb moves that the board accepts all 3 guideline changes. Jack seconds the motion and all vote “Aye.”

Project Update/Change Orders

The parking lot project is in the final 10% of the project. Changes that have been made to the project while it was ongoing were the addition of speed bumps, attic storage space in the storage garage, and the digging up of a previously unknown cistern in the front lot. These were all allowed under the appropriated budget as up to 10% in changes can be made to a project without affecting the project bid.

Rainy Day Fund

The Township can take up to 10% of its surplus budget at the end of the year and transfer it to a rainy day fund with minimal paperwork. Our office qualifies to move $100,000 to this fund. Dan would like to make two $50,000 transfers to this fund. Barb moves that the Township transfer these funds to the Rainy Day Fund. Jack seconds the motion, and all vote “Aye.”

Back Door (no foundation)

Dan informs the board that they will be contracting to fix the back door, as it has been causing issues since the parking lot was redone. It will likely need to be completely re-done, as there is apparently no foundation under the door.

Barb adjourns the meeting at 5:29pm.