Perry Township - Monroe County, IN
Perry Township Offices

Perry Township Board Meeting Minutes: Tuesday, February 16, 2021

The meeting is called to order at 4:15 pm

Members Present: Jack Davis, Barb Sturbaum, Susie Hamilton, Dan Combs

Non-Members Present: Pat Combs, Sharon Yoder, Branden Surgiao


  1. Annual Report
  2. Nepotism Policy
  3. Township Form 7
  4. Rainy Day Resolution
  5. Holiday Resolution
  6. Other

Annual Report

The meeting starts with the annual report of expenditures. Each board member has received a copy of the annual report prior to the meeting. Susie motions to accept the annual report, Barb seconds the motion, all agree.

Nepotism Policy

Barb motions to acknowledge the policy, Susie seconds and all agree that we are in compliance with the Township's Nepotism on Employment and the Township's Nepotism policy on Contracting and policies are still being followed.

Township Form 7

Branden explains that the Township Form 7 is the breakdown of how many people we served throughout the year. The township spent more this year in helping with utilities and rent than last year. Our food pantry served less but that may be due to the pandemic. Our amount of cremations also went up this year. Our more highly seen landlords were lower this year but this may have also been due to the pandemic with the stimulus checks and social service money that came into the community. Barb motions to accept the township form 7, Susie seconds, all approve.

Rainy Day Resolution

Dan wants to transfer $50,000 from the Township General Fund to the Rainy Day fund. This is money from last year's budget that was not used that moving into the Rainy Day fund will make it more accessible if needed this year. Barb moves to accept the transfer, Susie seconds the motion, all agree.

Holiday Resolution

Normally we would follow the holiday schedule of the county commissioner and the state, however, this year the county commissioner did not follow the holiday schedule of the state and the state did not use the same schedule of the federal government. They took away President's Day and Columbus Day and changed Good Friday to Easter Monday and left two floating holidays as well as Juneteenth being a new holiday. Dan and Sharon have moved one floating holiday to President's Day and the other floating holiday will be for Columbus Day/lndigenous People's Day. Barb motions to pass to holiday schedule for 2021, Susie seconds, all agree.


The windows at Friend's Place have not yet been completed. They will be paid for this year but the money is still coming from last year's budget.

We set aside $15,000 for COVID issues. $10,000 was given to Friend's place for homeless. We have $5,000 left and originally it was discussed to put that toward a coordinator to help with the homeless and the housing plan. Dan would like to give the $5,000 to United Way to rewrite the housing plan for the homeless. The board agrees with this plan.

Dan has engaged William Morris as an attorney. He is overseeing the issue with park for free currently.

The meeting was concluded at 5:05 pm.