Perry Township - Monroe County, IN
Perry Township Offices

Perry Township Board Meeting Minutes: Thursday, Februar 17, 2022

The meeting is called to order at 4:15 pm

Members Present: Jack Davis, Barb Sturbaum, Susie Hamilton, Dan Combs

Non-Members Present: Pat Combs, Sharon Yoder, Branden Surigao, William Morris


  1. Township Form 7 (TA7) Report
  2. Annual Report
  3. Rainy Day Resolution
  4. Encumbrance Resolution
  5. Additional Appropriation
  6. Other

Township Form 7 (TA7) Report

Branden explains the Township Form 7 and the breakdown of how many people the township has served throughout the year. The form shows that the township has spent less this year helping with utilities and rent than last year. The food pantry has also served fewer clients this year as well. This may be due to the amount of stimulus checks and social service money that has come into the community due to the continuance of the pandemic. The amount of cremations has risen again this year.

Annual Report

Dan explains the annual report. Each board member has received a copy of the annual report prior to the meeting. The township was much closer to reaching the budget even though assistance was lower. Sharon goes over the end of year balances; Rainy Day Fund is $239,351.32, Township Fund is $554,078.59, Debt Service $6,733.07 last payment was made this month and is paid in full, Donations $3,462.64, Township Assistance $574,945.05, Payroll deductions $32,666.81 for a end of year total of $1,411,237.48. Barb motions to accept the annual report and township form 7, Susie seconds, all agree and motion passes.

Rainy Day Resolution

It is proposed to transfer $75,000 from Township Fund into the Rainy Day Fund. Barb moves to allow the move, Susie seconds, all agree, the motion passes.This year the holiday resolution follows the state and county commissioner except there is one extra holiday that has been added being Columbus Day/Indigenous Peoples Day. Barb motions to pass the holiday resolution, Susie seconds, all agree.

Encumbrance Resolution

Dan states that there are some outstanding bills from 2021 that have not yet come in such as the fencing contract and the security system update. These bills will need to be paid from the 2021 budget but will not come until 2022 so there has to be an encumbrance resolution in place. Barb moves to accept the encumbrances, Susie seconds the motion, all agree, the motion passes.

Additional Appropriation

Due to the glitch in the gateway computer system and the original budget not carrying forward when the forms were signed the board now has to approve an additional appropriation. This is the original budget they approved only it has the correct balance instead of the zero at the bottom of the form. Barb moves to approve the additional appropriation, Susie seconds the motion, all agree, the motion passes.


The Dodds-Wylie Court Apartment Complex has sent a report stating that their laundry is not working. Jack is wondering if the board should reach out and see if it has been fixed or if the township needs to get it fixed. Pat says she will get in touch with them next week and then email the board with an update.

Dan would like to talk about a long term outlook and talking to an architect about adding a second floor or another option for more privacy, possibly new carpeting, and some items that might need to be updated or fixed.

William updates the board on the city’s response to dismiss the law suit against them and must respond by next week. William plans to respond with the emails showing clear requests as well as sending new clearer requests. This should get a decision back from the courts by the end of the week.

Meeting was concluded at 5:15 pm.