Perry Township - Monroe County, IN
Perry Township Offices

Perry Township Board Meeting Minutes: Thursday, April 27, 2023

The meeting is called to order at 12:00 pm

Members Present: Jack Davis, Barb Sturbaum, Susie Hamilton, Dan Combs

Non-Members Present: Sharon Yoder, Branden Surigao, Amanda Higgins, and Nancy Duncan


  1. Desks
  2. Intern Ordinance
  3. Nancy: Township Uniform Dress
  4. Meeting Room Telecommunication Design
  5. Other


Branden presents the quote to the board which they have been given a copy of for new desks for the office. This quote covers seven new desks, new privacy dividers, new bookcases for the back office, and new printer cabinets all matching. This quote also includes the installation and removal of the old desks. The board agrees by consensus to continue with the purchase of the new office furniture.

Intern Ordinance

Branden and Dan met with the Intern Placement School Social worker for both graduate and undergraduate and they want to place interns with our office. The graduate interns would get a stipend and would be here longer than the undergraduates. What was done in the past was that the graduates would get paid an hourly wage and then were hired for summer work. Amanda Higgins would overlook all of their casework 100%. We would need to create a salary ordinance and give them a separate work space for their thesis work. We would either have one MSW or two undergrads. The board believes this is a great opportunity for everyone and agrees. The finer details will be worked out after the second meeting and the board will be updated.

Nancy: Township Uniform Dress

Dan found out that Bloomington and Van Buren Townships had a uniform dress shirt and brought it up with Jack who agreed it might be a good idea. Nancy has recently looked into a few places to get some vests or jackets for Perry Township so that if we go to seminars, trainings or food drives we are all uniform or professional. The township would purchase these. On each of these garments we would need to adopt a Perry Township logo and food pantry logo. The board suggests allowing each person to choose their type of clothing for all seasons up to a price limit for the year. They also suggest looking into other places than just in town companies. The board says go ahead and look into it further giving each person a budget. They also suggest maybe choosing a color instead of the logo.

Beef Order

Nancy has set up food drives at both Bloomingfoods. She has also set up a day at Wal-Mart for donations outside the doors. They are also talking about a drop off day for food at the office soon. The food we have been getting from Hoosier Hills has been less and less and we haven 't been getting any meats at all. Nancy reached out to Farmers and Hunters Association is donating 600 pounds of meat to the pantry this fall. Dan ordered another cow which should come in in about May or June. The last one that was purchased lasted about 6 months. Bloomington South also did a food drive for the pantry that provided us with 700 pounds of food and gave us $250.00 check to purchase more food for the pantry. Jack suggests maybe setting up a barrel at the Farmer's market as well, Nancy says she will look into it. Nancy says that she also has the Pantry signed up through Annual Harvest who works with all the local farmers and if they have anything extra or donate anything we could get some donations through them.

Meeting Room Telecommunication Desgin

We have been using Zoom to do all of our telecommunications over the past few years. We have learned from Bloomington Township that their meeting room is set up with tv cameras throughout the whole room. Dan would like to pursue setting up a tv and cameras in the meeting room. This would allow Branden and Sharon to not have to travel to meetings and we could set up telecommunication meetings in the meeting room. Jack suggests we start with Andrew to get the design set up and Dan agrees.


Guidelines-Phone and Internet Costs: For acceptable and unacceptable expenditures we don't have a guideline that includes phones and internet. Dan is asking to change the guideline to allow the clients to spend up to $75 a month on cell phones and internet. Barb moves to change the guideline, Susie seconds, all agree.

Mural- The mural projects are underway. The back wall has been divided into three sections. The first section is being done by a former tattoo artist who did the rough sketch in chalk and it looked amazing has already started on his section. Dan is going to have the second guy come back for another trial. After all three sections are done there will be a grand reveal.

Drainage Work at the Shelter has been completed and the board was presented with pictures of the finished work.

new bill was passed that if employees are required to carry phones that the employer must provide them with the phones. Sharon is still looking into the phone systems.

The attorney messaged Dan earlier in the week stating that he will have the policy written up soon for the meeting room usage.

Ivy Tech has a class to become a license food handler. Dan wants to pay for Nancy to take the class become licensed through the state which she has agreed to. This will allow us to repackage food. The board suggests that this should allow her a raise as well.

Meeting was concluded at 2:00 pm.