Perry Township - Monroe County, IN
Perry Township Offices

Perry Township Board Meeting Minutes: Thursday, July 20, 2023

The meeting is called to order at 12:00 pm

Members Present: Jack Davis, Barb Sturbaum, Susie Hamilton, Dan Combs

Non-Members Present: Sharon Yoder, Branden Surigao, Nancy Duncan


  1. Storms and Power Outages
    • General Report on Township Activity (Freezers, etc.)
    • Generators for Friend's Place and Township Office
  2. Township Mural
  3. Campers
  4. Other
    • Budget Dates
    • Budget Matters
  5. Executive Session
    • Personnel

Storms and Power Outages

The storm at the end of June that took out the power for most of town made the township realize a few things. The freezers in the pantry held up for the full 40 hours without power and everything in them was still completely frozen. The County Commissioner's website posted during the power outage to go to Cooling Stations and that local trustees would assist with other essentials. Dan started getting messages asking to assist with fans, generators, to refrigerate medications, and for freezer space. Friend's Place shelter didn't get power back for four days and called for a generator during this lapse of time as well as Sherwood Oaks had called and asked to arrange for us to get them a generator. The county is supposed to have an emergency plan in place for times like this, but unless an actual emergency is called into action the plan doesn't get put into action. In case of future events like this, the board feels that relying on our emergency plan in the future would be the best plan so we would need to look into getting generators for the shelter, the apartments, the pantry, and Shalom. The Board also wants to have an Emergency Policy that needs to be in place as well that we cannot provide generators. We will need to hire someone to see what size generators we would need for each of the buildings. Barb motions to allow Dan to start looking for a consultant for generators and to write up an emergency policy about what we can and cannot provide in times of emergencies, Susie seconds, all agree.

Township Mural

A gentleman named Adam did a chalk sketch and was hired to do the mural and was given the paint. After a couple of months, the work on it stopped and he was given a 20-day deadline. Nothing else was accomplished. He was given one more week where he still could not finish. It has been painted over now. Dan is still looking for someone to come out and do the work.


During the storm people from seminary square had started making their way to our property. That weekend alone over 20 people had stayed the night in the parking lot along with an RV. Some of them had been staying here over night for over a month, but most of them had been sent this way by the police just that weekend. Most of them pick up after themselves and are gone by 8am. Dan wants to get a trespass/restraining order against the man in the RV since he has returned several times even after being told he cannot park here overnight and having parties in the parking lot. The board thinks that just putting up signs that says no overnight parking would help, but they don't object to filing the order if it can be done. As for the rest of the campers the only other issue we are having is with them using the restroom on the property. Dan puts forward the idea of installing a port-a-potty on the property again. The board again agrees.


The cow that we purchased is about half gone. Dan has the opportunity to purchase two pigs. The board agrees to this purchase.

September 14th at 12:00pm is the 2024 Budget date that the board will meet with community groups for grant requests and September 28th at 12:30pm is the final budget meeting dates. The first growth quotient for budget is 4% and Sharon's first meeting is on August 2nd• Dan wants to go for the whole 4% and the Board agrees with that plus more. Dan also brings up the food certification that Nancy earned as well the grant she is working on and would like for her to get a pretty good raise as well as the rest of the employees. The board also agrees.

Branden brings up quotes for new heating and cooling units for the food pantry. Branden also brought up the quote for the electrical outlet installation for the Area 10 Apartments.

Executive Session

The board and the Trustee meet in private for an executive session over personnel. Nothing was decided during this meeting.

Meeting was concluded at 1:15 pm.