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Perry Township Board Meeting Minutes: Thursday, September 9, 2021

Executive Meeting

The Executive meeting is called to order at 4:15pm

Members Present: Jack Davis, Barb Sturbaum, Susie Hamilton, Dan Combs

Non-Members Present: Pat Combs, Sharon Yoder, William Morris


  1. Discuss Potential Litigation Issues

Potential Litigation Issues

The Trustee, Board, and William Morris met to discuss potential litigation issues.

The meeting was concluded at 4:59pm.

Public Board Meeting

The Public Board meeting is called to order at 4:59 pm

Members Present: Jack Davis, Barb Sturbaum, Susie Hamilton, Dan Combs

Non-Members Present: Pat Combs, Sharon Yoder, William Morris


  1. Review and report executive session
  2. Hiring Security for office campuse
  3. Other
    • Margaret Clements — Meeting Room

Review and Report Executive Session

The Trustee reported that the Board, he and William Morris had met in executive session to discuss potential litigation matters involving the township and another government entity. The board has made no decisions about what to do at this time. The board has instructed the attorney and trustee to proceed in trying to get the records needed and prepare for the next step which would be a motion to compel. The motion to compel would not be acted upon or sent out without approval from the board at a later date.

Hiring Security for Office Campus

Since the camp at Seminary Park and Grimes Street Bridge has been dislodged the Township's property has had multiple incidents of vandalism and other issues with people without housing staying here. The township has had two broken windows costing $1,700 a piece within a two-month period of time. Some of the other vandalism that has taken place has been defecation in front of the pantry doors, our mailbox has been stolen, the needle depository has been broken, the air conditioner units and wiring boxes were ripped open but not damaged, our cameras have been unplugged, and there has been graffiti on the walls. The new security system is currently being installed and neither was online at the time the second window was broken so nothing was caught. We have asked the city to do more patrols in this area.

The board is concerned that hiring a security company wouldn't do any good unless they were here the entire time we were closed and feel that signs and proper lighting would be a better deterrent. We currently have signs displayed that say: no smoking, no camping, and no overnight stay. The board decides at this time that the best action would to be putting up signs that clearly state the building is under camera security at all times and make sure lighting is good and stick with enforcing the policies we have in place for now.


Margaret Clements has requested extended use of the meeting room and parking lot. Sharon spoke with the insurance company about the use of the premises without employees present and the insurance company said that was a concern. We require the other agencies that are our tenants to carry insurance that covers them outside of our own. Up to this point the only people who have used the meeting room have either been contracted with the trustee or accompanied by the trustee. This brings up a need to make a resolution on the use of the meeting room.

The board also feels that legal documents need to be drawn up for liability purposes. The board is going to allow the extension on the condition that a letter is drawn up by Dan and William stating that there will be no more extensions unless they meet certain criteria as well as letting them know that we are not liable for any outcomes, etc. and the board has approved the letter.

Budget Meeting is coming up on the 16th. Dan and Sharon have been looking it over because annexation will make a difference in the budget in the next couple of years.

The meeting was concluded at 5:36 pm.